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The marketing landscape is changing with the rapid advances in technology Some of the media that we currently use or the strategies deployed may not have been heard off a two-decade ago. Long ago, marketing meant identifying a need, developing a product ,marketing through mass media, setting up distributor channels and achieving sales targets.

The role of 360-degree marketing can play in a crisis situation for the brand, as well as a general situation shows the value of this strategy in business promotion activity in the digital era. The 360 degrees has also enlarged the scope of the brand-building beyond the traditional media channels.

The goal of 360-degree marketing is to ensure that the message is consistent across the channels which are necessary to keep consumers engaged with the product and understand the brand better.


Brand Torque LLP will leverage all marketing mediums to work as a ONE STOP SHOP to ensure you achieve your brand objectives, in a cost efficient way. Our experts will work with you as an extended arm, and ensure you never compromise on your Brand Values and have the correct reach, as your true brand ambassador.

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