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Public relations (PR) is the practice of leveraging media channels to promote your organization and cultivate a positive public perception. PR is also the process of managing your organization’s brand and communications — especially in times of crisis.

PR is how brands manage the spread of their information, so it’s similar to branding. The main difference is that PR is focused on communication and reputation, whereas branding relies on visual elements like logos, websites, and marketing materials.

Brands manage their PR — or communication and reputation — through various media channels.

How would Brand Torque LLP add value in Communication & PR ?

Brand Torque LLP with its wide network and well established relations with media houses/partners would be a catalyst to identify the exact need , life stage of the company's product /services , competitive landscape ,bring in the much needed solutions for the current challenges in this space for Clients/Associates , in the most cost effective way with the right mix in the grid .

Brand Torque LLP would add as a gatekeeper between the firms and media houses/agencies , and ensure the customer is paying the right price in return for value.

Brand Torque LLP would also strive to ensure the brand ethics and vision is uncompromised, and the brand yet achieves its objectives as per their philosophy, to maintain brand standards and market share .

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